End to End Construction Management

At Galöw we understand that the planning and management of corporate spaces (office fit in), either new or refurbished, is important both for the company itself as well as for the professionals internally responsible for the project. Consequently, we guarantee the agreed price and deadline, always according to high-quality standards and great attention to detail.

We provide end-to-end construction services. We deliver efficiencies by purchasing directly from manufacturers, avoiding middlemen, and by coordinating specialized professionals with our technicians.

For the past 11 years, Galöw has developed a focus in office fit in and building refurbishment, having conducted and gathered experience in all kinds of projects, ranging from bank branches and call centres to noteworthy projects on a national scale. In all our projects we strive to, and manage to, satisfy our clients by means of quality, creativity and reliability.

Among our services we can mention the following:

  • Technical and economic feasibility study.
  • License management.
  • Construction works. Ranging from demolition to flower choosing.
  • Moving – by creating area maps and tracing of reused furniture plans, optimizing it.
  • Excess asset management.
  • Maintenance (post-construction) management.